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Cody Raymond Whitfield Calkins
(born May 19th 1988)

is an American country music singer and songwriter from Streator, IL. Performing live since 2008, and releasing 3 studio albums along the way including the songs It's a Guy Thing, Monday Vacation and Fire. Cody has opened for chart topping national country acts such as Colin Raye, Granger Smith, and Joe Diffie. In 2012 Cody and his band won the Illinois Texaco Country Showdown. The following year he began to judge the event for 3 seasons.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere with no television or internet, music was the only entertainment available to Cody. His interest in music really sparked at a very early age after listening to a recording of his father Tom singing Lady, by Kenny Rogers. It opened up a whole new world and inspired him to do the same. At age 8, Cody got his 1st guitar and proceeded to take lessons for 7 years and winning The Illinois Guitar League contests continuously for that spread of time. He later discovered the art of poetry and fell in love with the art of word composition and began writing songs by the age of 17. At 18 years old, Cody's sister Melissa took him to many different karaoke nights which helped singing in front of crowds much easier. At age 20, Cody started performing at local venues just him and his guitar, singing originals and covers by his most influential artists like Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan, and Kenny Chesney. A couple years later, he formed a band and built a strong foundation of where he is today. Singing to upwards of 180 shows per year, Cody (a stay at work dad) doesnt have much time to settle down with always performing, writing, learning new music, while also working a full time job. During his down time he's spending it with his family at home. Married August 26th 2016 to his amazing wife Hope, and becoming a father to his perfect baby boy Emett, who was born on October 23rd 2016.

Cody is currently working on writing new material and learning new songs to perform at shows while trying to pursue more tour dates. Cody is also distributing his new album Everything I Can't Resist on all digital platforms, or you can get a copy at one of his live shows. His album Everything I Can't Resist has 13 original tracks including fan favorites Monday Vacation, and Fire.
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